The Cleansing Process


Reiki Cleansing Process by Reiki Holistic Therapy


This Reiki journey of self healing and spiritual discovery will in no doubt for some people bring many mixed emotions to the surface due to the changes taking place within the auric field. The cleansing process refers to these sensations, emotions, feelings and physical changes a person can encounter for up to 21 days following either a Reiki attunement or a Reiki treatment.

During this time it is important to be kind to yourself and non judgemental. We human beings have a habit of being our own worst enemy’s and our biggest critics and therefore this is a time where we should embrace our faults, take responsibilities for our actions and allow feelings that have been suppressed to bubble to the surface. Spend time loving yourself and accepting who you truly are. Rid yourself of rage, anger, bitterness or any little insecurities you have and allow yourself to heal from the inside out.

I appreciate the following advise may be difficult especially for those living the big city highlife, or juggling motherhood with work, but we all need to stop at some point slow down, take note of our surroundings and be grateful for what we have no matter how little. I suggest finding at least 20 minutes each day during the 21 day cleansing process to simply sit by yourself in quiet surroundings, light some candles relax and naturally allow these thoughts, feelings, sensations, emotions to come to the surface. Guided mediations which can easily be downloaded or simply having a good cry to your favourite CD should all help release any negativity which may have been lodged in a chakra for some time.

Physically the body may also be going through positive changes resulting in detoxification symptoms such as headaches, feelings of nausea, changes in appetite, tiredness or even a boost of energy. For these reasons it is best to try and adhere to a healthier lifestyle. Drink plenty of water, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, cut down on alcohol and caffeine or better still remove it completely from your diet for the next 21 days.

These of course are purely suggestions to help you make the most of your Reiki experience and live a happy and healthy life. Good luck!

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