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The Purpose of Distance Healing


For me the experience of learning Reiki level two was a very powerful emotional and deep cleansing journey that I will never forget. At the time my life was a bit of a roller coaster with many changes taking place rapidly. I was going through the motions of immigrating to America, dealing with difficult paperwork […]

What Does A Holistic Therapist Do?


The Role of a Holistic Therapist For years I have dreaded the question “so what do you do for a living then?” knowing that the response to my answer will always be “ok so what does that involve?” Although I meet many people in London whose professional role means nothing to me, I am still surprised that […]

The Problem with Reiki in Hotel Spas


  I decided to write this post as I’m interested to find out if there are others therapists out there who feel the same way I do regarding Reiki being on the treatment menu in hotel spas and the problems which may arise due to a lack of time flexibility. I love working in the […]

Reiki and the Ego


  Letting Go of The EGO   As the spa industry is booming and day packages becoming ever so popular so is the demand for reiki therapists. It’s no wonder given the amount of stress people now face in their daily routines. Especially in the city of London where many people work on average nine […]

The Cleansing Process


  This Reiki journey of self healing and spiritual discovery will in no doubt for some people bring many mixed emotions to the surface due to the changes taking place within the auric field. The cleansing process refers to these sensations, emotions, feelings and physical changes a person can encounter for up to 21 days following […]

Reiki Attunements. What’s involved!


  Reiki Attunements. What’s Involved! The word attunement refers to the process in which the Reiki Master  makes subtle adjustments to the students s energy channels which are opened up  in order to accommodate the ability to channel Reiki linking that person to the source of Reiki. The simplest  explanation is that it is much like tuning […]

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