The Purpose of Distance Healing


For me the experience of learning Reiki level two was a very powerful emotional and deep cleansing journey that I will never forget. At the time my life was a bit of a roller coaster with many changes taking place rapidly. I was going through the motions of immigrating to America, dealing with difficult paperwork and feeling the fear of beginning a new life that I was never 100% sure of. My father was very ill and my parents were not able to make the journey overseas to see me getting married. Life was a mixture of fear and excitement.

The main reason I was so desperate to complete my Reiki level two was because not only did I intend to professionally practice Reiki but I also wanted to learn how to send healing to my family back in the UK once I had gone. I never had any idea just how important distance healing would become in my life and how it would become part of my daily routine.

Over the years I have used distance healing for many things including sending to family, friends, pets, situations and goals. It is no longer a secret that the law of attraction works and using our intention to send this beautiful healing energy across time allows us to manifest much abundance in our lives. It can be done at anytime and anywhere even sitting on a tube during peak rush hour travel in London.

The Reiki distance symbol Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can be translated to mean ‘no past, no present, no future’. It’s a beautiful symbol containing many Japanese kanji strokes, which can sometimes present a challenge for those learning to draw it during their Reiki level two course. It can be used to heal the receiver of past traumatic experiences that are creating negatives blocks and holding them back from achieving true happiness. It can also be sent into the future to gain positive results from an exam, doctor’s appointment, an interview or even a date. It can be sent to another country, city or room to heal physically and emotionally.

I have had many positive responses from sending distance reiki both for myself and others. For example I once sent reiki to a friend who was recovering from a broken heart and feeling a little low. The next time I saw her and we spoke about the effects she told me the weirdest thing happened. As I was sending her reiki she was travelling on her way home from work on her moped during London rush hour when the traffic was usually very busy. She got home safely in half the time it would normally take as every traffic light she came to turned green. She said she felt as if she were being guided all the way home by a gentle force that was looking out for her.

Recently during the summer I found myself in hospital with appendicitis and in a lot of pain. I reached out to my reiki community on facebook and I asked for some healing reiki to be sent to me. Out of the blue the next morning I felt the presence of another being standing behind me and a glowing white light covered my whole body as if I were inside a bubble that was lifting me up and enabling me to slowly drift, gently releasing all my pain and worry. The effects only lasted a couple of minutes but it was still very relaxing and calming. I have no idea which one of my reiki friends are responsible for this lovely experience but I am grateful all the same.

To heal others, yourself and send reiki to empower your goals why not join one of my workshops based in London or simply come along to my Meetup reiki shares in Notting Hill
Reiki blessings

What Does A Holistic Therapist Do?

The Role of a Holistic Therapist

What Does A Holistic Therapist Do?

For years I have dreaded the question “so what do you do for a living then?” knowing that the response to my answer will always be “ok so what does that involve?”

Although I meet many people in London whose professional role means nothing to me, I am still surprised that the majority of people are not familiar with the term ‘holistic therapist’. The spa industry is booming and thanks to online sites such as Wahanda, SpaFinder and festivals such as Mind Body and Spirit more people are beginning to take an interest which is fantastic. So it’s now about time people became familiar with the term ‘Holistic Therapist’

Everybody knows what a Beauty Therapist does, so the purpose of this post is to make a clear distinction between the two professions and educate those who are interested in the benefits of Holistic Therapies.

When you visit a doctor he will ask certain questions noting your physical symptoms to diagnose the problem and prescribe drugs or in extreme cases recommend surgery. A holistic therapist takes an interest in the whole person, mind, body and soul both physically and emotionally. They will take into account your diet, alcohol consumption, exercise, home life, relationships, career, sleep patterns, stress and emotional levels as well as your medical history.

The purpose of any holistic treatment is to create balance and harmony in order to prevent illness or disease. Holistic Therapists may work with the auric field and chakras otherwise known as spinning wheels of energy which are connected to your physical organs.  These energy centres can become unbalanced leading to physical symptoms and in extreme cases resulting in illness or disease. Reiki is a popular treatment used to unblock chakras and reduce physical and emotional pain. Therapists may use natural products such as aromatherapy oils to boost the immune system, reduce aches and pains or promote natural sleep. A combination of massage techniques may also be employed including traditional stimulating Swedish movements excellent to improve blood circulation, deep tissue pressure working on the fascia to reduce muscular pain, soothing Hawaiian Lomi Lomi to calm the mind, hot stone therapy to deeply relax the muscles or gentle stretching to improve flexibility. Reflexology is another beneficial holistic treatment which works using pressure points on the feet to stimulate and balance all the body organs and promote natural healing.

A Beauty Therapist or an Esthetician as they are more commonly known as in the States will focus on the cosmetic appearance of the skin and enhance your own beauty. They perform treatments such as various facials sometimes using electrical machines, waxing, eye lash and brow enhancements. In the UK Beauty Therapists are also trained during the two/three years of their course to do body massage, manicures and pedicures. Their skills take a lot of practice and their hard work deserves respect.

A good professional Holistic Therapist will take the time to ask questions and understand your concerns; they will skilfully use a combination of holistic treatments to promote balance physically and emotionally but most importantly they will genuinely care about your health and wellbeing and wish nothing but the very best for you.

Everybody benefits from having regular holistic therapies including those suffering from muscular aches and pains, headaches, migraines, IBS, arthritis, fertility issues, PMS, anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, low self esteem, skin problems. Its worth noting that Reiki is also beneficial for cancer patients who are contraindicated from having other treatments.

The many treatments available include, Reiki, Aromatherapy Massage, Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candles and many more.

Perhaps if we were to choose a more Holistic approach to our health then there wouldn’t be as much as a demand to visit our local GP and pop some pills in the hope of quickly curing only our physical symptoms which can sometimes be caused by our negative thoughts and emotions. Of course it’s important to note that I’m not suggesting there is no need for medicine and I would never advice anybody to stop taking their prescribed drugs for the sake of being holistic. What I am suggesting is that science and holistic treatments can work very well together. Having a massage should not be something we do once in a blue moon as a special treat; it should become part of our lifestyle. So for those with a normal financial income, don’t worry you can skip the luxury of a five star hotel spa which involves splashing the cash and instead find a good affordable holistic therapist near you to visit regularly.

The Problem with Reiki in Hotel Spas

Reiki Holistic Therapy

Reiki Holistic Therapy


I decided to write this post as I’m interested to find out if there are others therapists out there who feel the same way I do regarding Reiki being on the treatment menu in hotel spas and the problems which may arise due to a lack of time flexibility.

I love working in the Spa industry. It’s been over ten years now and I’m very fortunate to have lived and experienced working overseas, meeting new people, making new friends and developing my skills.

In my opinion the one thing all spas have in common sadly is that they are gradually moving away from the passion of health and wellbeing and focusing mainly on the drive for new business boosting revenue and ensuring that they are utilising their hardworking therapists to the limit.  I understand all businesses require making a profit and perhaps the recession a few years ago has changed many ways in which businesses now operate.

The main reason most therapists decided to enter this profession was because like all caring people we wanted to make a difference, help people overcome their anxieties, take away their pains and generally speaking make people feel good about themselves. I along with other therapists out there enjoy the positive feedback I receive from my clients and feel privileged to have the skills to make a difference.

What business owners don’t always take into account is that we are also human beings with feelings that need rest in between treatments in order to refresh ourselves. It’s a rewarding job but hard work being in an industry where you go from client to client rushing in between to turn around your room. We all have our own professional techniques to ensure we don’t feel drained by our client’s negative energy and can give equally to each person so I’m not complaining just drawing attention to the fact that proper turnaround time is 100% necessary.

As Reiki is a form of energy healing it requires specialised techniques to ensure we are grounded, protected and balanced at all times. How can we give a successful treatment if we are affected by our previous client’s issues? So my question is should Reiki really be performed in a industry in which therapists are rushing in between clients to turn over their room and may have no time to properly prepare for such a powerful energy healing treatment?

Another point to consider; Reiki is different to massage, it has no set routine, is more powerful emotionally and can open up old wounds leaving clients vulnerable and wishing to discuss their problems in more detail. That’s the beauty of Reiki! So when working in a hotel spa you are limited to time flexibility, can you really ensure you are giving the best service to your client if you cannot under any circumstances have the leeway to spend another couple of minutes discussing matters further with an emotional client who really needs your help?

I rarely give a full Reiki treatment within the spa industry for those reasons mentioned above, but I do always incorporate this beautiful healing energy into the majority of my treatments which offer many benefits for all of my clients.

The purpose of this post as previously mentioned is to give therapists a say in this ongoing issue and to highlight to business owners and Spa managers the importance of turnaround time for wonderful caring therapists. After all if your therapist is happy, clients will feed off this amazing positive energy and enjoy their treatment. If your therapist is tired, rushed or stressed due to inadequate time in between treatments then clients will notice this energy and won’t get as much out of their treatment perhaps leading to complaints or simply not revisiting your spa.

I wonder what your thoughts are! You can email me privately with your ideas or please feel free to comment below.

Reiki Blessings


Reiki and the Ego

Let of Ego

Let go of Ego


Letting Go of The EGO


As the spa industry is booming and day packages becoming ever so popular so is the demand for reiki therapists. It’s no wonder given the amount of stress people now face in their daily routines. Especially in the city of London where many people work on average nine hours per day then  face a busy commute battling through the intense crowds of other souls desperate to get home and put their feet up.

Reiki has many benefits including deep relaxation perfect for stressed out London city workers struggling to let go. Many of these workers have had to face years of office competition in an attempt to climb up the career ladder and as a result become unbalanced and out of sync emotionally and spiritually as the ego has completely taken over. Nothing wrong with having a strong ego of course as this is what allows us to set goals motivating us to get out of bed and make an effort at looking our best. However mainly focusing on the ego can result in a loss of compassion, create negative critical judgement and selfish attitudes all possibly leading to insecurities and anxiety. In the long term this can have physical consequences on our health such as, stomach problems, indigestion, headaches, depression, panic attacks and insomnia.

So instead of focusing only on our ego we should pay attention to our ‘true self’ connecting with higher values such as love, compassion, creativity and nature. So let go of your ego today, connect with your higher self and invite love and compassion deep into your soul freeing yourself of a guilty conscience and enjoy a peaceful night sleep.

A reiki treatment will calm and soothe your mind realising negativity, open up your heart chakra inviting the warm energy of love deep within and allow you to beautifully connect with your higher self promoting a sense of peace enabling you to experience emotional freedom leading to a good night’s rest with undisturbed sleep.

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The Aura

The Seven Layers of the Aura Explained

The seven Layers of the Aura

Aura Layers

The Seven Layers of the Aura

The Seven Layers of the Aura  Explained

We are all very much aware of our physical body. We recognise joints, muscle, bones and organs such as our heart, but what about our subtle bodies?

In actual fact we have seven bodies and not just the physical one we are all aware of.

Every living thing, plants, animals and even stones give off a vibrating frequency of light which is called the AURA or in scientific terms THE ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD. Its purpose is to protect our physical body and keep away negative vibrations which could potentially cause us harm. Luckily due to Kirlian photography the aura can now be photographed.

Our aura or auric field contains information about our life such as our emotional and mental thoughts, beliefs and memories. The *chakras which are the seven wheels of spinning energy also have an effect on the aura and can create changes in the colour and shape of our aura. No two auras are exactly the same as we are constantly shifting our vibrations due to changes in our thought patterns. When we are low in energy and feeling down our aura naturally shrinks to reflect this. When we are upbeat and happy our aura naturally expands radiating outwards which explains why we are more attracted to happier people and less attracted to more negative people.

The Seven Layers of the Aura Broken Down

1. The Etheric Layer

This is the layer closest to the physical body and the layer some therapists can see during treatment. Sits approximately two to four inches away from the physical body and can be seen as a faint grey/violet mist. This layer is connected to the base chakra.

2. The Emotional Layer

This layer sits directly outside the etheric body extending one to three inches. This layer is connected to the sacral chakra and holds all our emotions, feelings and sensitivity such as joy, sorrow, love and hate.

3. The Mental Layer

This layer sits directly outside the emotional body extending three to eight inches from the physical body. This layer is connected to the solar plexus chakra and contains all our mental thought processes such as rules, regulations, judgement and discipline. Usually this layer is represented by the colour yellow.

4. The Astral Layer

This layer can extend out to about one foot. It is the bridge between the lower vibrations of the physical plane and the higher vibrations of the spiritual. Connected to the heart chakra this layer is represented by a beautiful rainbow colour.

5. The Etheric Template

This layer extends out about two feet. Connected to the throat chakra this layer represents the blueprint of the physical body and looks much like the negative of a photograph.

6. The Celestial/Causal Layer

This layer can extend for up to two and a half feet. Connected to the 3rd eye chakra this is where your spiritual connection begins and the process of enlightenment.

7. The Spiritual Layer

This layer can extend for up to three feet. Connected to the crown chakra and protecting all the other layers it vibrates at the highest frequency and is often seen as a brilliant white or golden light.


Reiki practitioners work with natural healing energy to cleanse any blocks within the chakras repairing tears in the auric field to bring about a sense of peace and encourage balance both physically, mentally and emotionally.

For more information click here What Is Reiki?

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Looking After The Male Skin

male skin

Looking After Male Skin


How to Look After the Male Skin

It is no surprise to hear the majority of women look after their skin and spend an average of £2462 a year (according to an article by the Huffpost Lifestyle) on the latest creams super serums and fashionable clothes, but what about the male species?

Although times are changing and men are becoming more aware of their skin, still sadly the majority of male clients I see on a daily basis have no skin care routine whatsoever! The use of shower gel when washing ones face shockingly seems to be pretty normal for a lot of blokes out there.

So men it’s time to make some serious changes in your life take inspiration from your wife or girlfriend and start looking after you skin today!

I can ensure you it won’t mean having to get up thirty minutes earlier, following complicated instructions from your beautician or spending a fortune on various products. What it will do is slow down the signs of ageing; banish skin irritations from the use of harsh chemicals, stop your wife or girlfriend from nagging at you to get a facial and of course give you a fresh look which is more appealing to the opposite sex.

The Difference Between Male & Female Skin

When it comes to skin type both male and females were not created equally. Luckily for men they have more collagen and elasticity making their skin more firmer and therefore naturally does not age as fast as the female skin. The epidermis in male skin also is 20% thicker. This means men have tougher skin and not as susceptible to deep lines and wrinkles we women unfortunately have to suffer from. However men are not as careful with their skin as we women are and therefore due to subjecting themselves to the harsh environments of the outdoors without protection or just general neglect they tend to age quicker than they should.

Male skin also has more sebaceous glands and a richer blood supply which keep their skin looking younger for longer, but due to larger pores they are more likely to suffer from congestion, blackheads and break outs. This is why deep cleansing is so important for men. Although the male skin tends to be oiler, constant shaving and again the use of harsh chemicals contained within many shaving products can result in dehydration and dryness dramatically speeding up the ageing process.

Common Mistakes

Like some women I know men also make the common mjistake of thinking a good moisturiser is the key. And while the use of a good moisturiser is very important deep cleansing is the first step to looking after your skin. There is no point splashing out on a good moisturiser and placing it over the top of a dirty skin. This will only block the pores and create breakouts, plus without the use of exfoliation the product will not be able to penetrate.

Many men think it is ok to use their partner’s products, and while this is certainly better than nothing, as both skin types are very different it is always more beneficial to use products which are suited to your own specific skin type.

Shower gel and soap should be avoided at all costs. Harsh chemicals perfume and too high a PH level will dry the skin out and cause skin sensitivity.

What should you do?

There are many excellent products on the market out there. I use Neal’s Yard Organic products during my facials as I love the natural ingredients and the honest price tag



Neal’s Yard Organic Products for Men


  1. Gentle Deep Cleanse morning and evening

Purifying Face Wash

  1. Scrub before shave once a week

Revitalising Facial Scrub

  1. Use a quality shave cream or oil

Close Shave Oil    Close Shave Mud

  1. Use an after shave balm

Calming After Shave Balm

  1. moisturise

Mens Rejuvenating Moisturiser


Please ladies share this important information with your husbands, boyfriends, brothers or uncles and encourage them to start looking after their skin now. It’s never too late!

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Chakra Balancing During Massage

Chakra Balancing During Massage

Massage & Reiki

Chakra Balancing During Massage


I was inspired to write this post after a similar article by Reiki Rays last month called Does Reiki Have Any Impact When Used During Massage? The author Isabela do Val Santana explains the effects of Reiki flowing whether being asked to or not and how this can affect the quality and results of her massage.

I also find reiki flowing during a massage even although I have not consciously intended it too. At times I find myself automatically being guided by this healing energy and placing my hands on certain chakras which I believe to be out of balance.

After 10 years working as a spa therapist it is my experience that the majority of clients are looking for deep tissue or strong pressure. I am not sure whether they believe this is what they really need, enjoy the release and pleasurable pain which comes from deep tissue or simply have a lack of knowledge on therapies as a whole and think this is their only option.

I would like to offer more information on this subject to open up the minds of many clients who only wish to book in for deep tissue or sports massage

I too love a good strong deep tissue massage, mainly on my back to release tension and break down nodules. However this treatment alone will not solve the problems many of us have regarding stiff hips, lower back pain and headaches.

We are more than just a physical body containing muscle, bones and joints. We are also a source of energy protected by our auric field which contains our emotional and mental thoughts, beliefs and past memories. As each of our chakras is connected to an organ, gland and bodily system, it is blockages in these chakras which can cause physical symptoms in the human body. For example a blockage in the base chakra caused by changes to our daily routines such as moving house, changing job, can also cause unexplained sudden stiffness in the lower limbs and lower back. Another example would be hyper activity in the 3rd eye chakra caused by over analysing, studying and creative thought patterns. These are all very common ailments of today’s average working business man/woman which if ignored can lead to headaches, insomnia and the inability to let go and relax.

In my opinion the best results are achieved when we treat the whole body and not just purely the physical. I love to do deep tissue massage but prefer to combine it with perhaps some essential aromatherapy oils which offer many therapeutic benefits as well as reiki to balance the chakras and bring about a sense of total peace.

Why not book in for your deep massage today and feel the benefits of my strong healing hands which will align your chakras bringing balance to the mind, body and soul!

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Hope to see you soon






The Chakras


The 7 Chakras

The Chakras

The below is a basic description of the Chakras. This post is meant as an introduction for those who have no knowledge or experience of the Chakra system as well as for those who are a little rusty and need a refresher.

What are Chakras?

The name chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning vortex or wheel. This relates to the spinning wheels of energy where universal life flows up and down the body connecting the physical to the spiritual. There are seven main chakras which are each connected to an organ, gland or bodily system and are represented by the seven colours of the rainbow. These chakras assist in the running of our body, mind and soul. Each chakra represents a journey through life, a consciousness, an awareness vibrating at different frequencies holding information on our thoughts and beliefs. It is thought blockages in these chakras can cause physical symptoms and in extreme cases illness and disease. An ideal state of the human body is when the chakras are balanced and in alignment with each other.

Balancing the Chakras

Changes occurring in life either affect our mental, emotional or spiritual state which will in turn affect the chakras. There are many ways to balance the chakras including through meditation and energy work. I use Reiki which is a form of energy healing originating from Japan to unblock the chakras during my treatments. As many physical symptoms stem from an unbalancement within the chakra system it is my belief to treat the body as a whole during therapies and therefore I think offering energy work during a massage provides great results.

The Seven Chakras in Short


base chakra

1st Chakra – Muladhara – Base, Root, Kundalini – Foundation of physical body

Location – Between the genitals and anus

Colour –  Red

Element – Earth

Governs – Adrenals, lower back, pelvis, hips, knees

When in Balance – Strong connection to earth and the natural flow of life feeling stable grounded and secure with the ability to relax, let go and feel safe and happy at home. Optimistic outlook on life.

Out of balance – Feelings of insecurity, reaching a crossroads in life and not being sure of which direction to take. Financial worries, homelessness, not coping well with change such as moving house or starting a new job. Negative outlook on life, lack of confidence and the inability to finish tasks.


sacral chakra

2nd Chakra – Svadhistana –Sacral – Foundation of emotional body

Location –Between genitals and naval

Colour – Orange

Element – water

Governs – The reproduction organs

When in Balance – Good knowledge of where you came from, inspired creativity, ability to let go of emotions, maintain healthy relationships and balanced sexual desire. You are fertile, sensual and have the ability to freely express intimacy.

Out of Balance – Sexual addiction, jealousy, feeling of being unloved, not able to express intimacy, child abuse, sexual guilt, relationship problems, lack of sexual confidence


solar plexus chakra

3rd Chakra – Manipura –Solar Plexus – Foundation of mental body

Location – Solar Plexus Colour – Yellow

Element – Fire

Governs – Pancreas, stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder

When in Balance – Confidence in you without the need to dominate others, strong will power, determination to reach goals, success and prosperity.

Out of Balance – Lack of confidence, shy, nervous, worried, and anxious, dominate others, judgemental, critical, defensive, anger turned inwards, frustration, digestive problems and ulcers


heart chakra

4th Chakra – Anahata – Heart – Foundation of The Astral Body

Location – Heart

Colour – Green

Element – Air

Governs – Thymus gland, heart and lungs

When in Balance – Compassionate, ability to give and receive love unconditionally, healthy loving relationships, trusting, self acceptance

Out of Balance – Jealous, possessive, selfish, unable to trust or show love easily, bitterness, lack of empathy, suffocating others with your love, giving too much love and not receiving, heart disease, circulation problems, skin problems


throat chakra

5th Chakra – Vishuddah –Throat

Location – Throat

Colour – Sky Blue

Element – Ether/Space

Governs – Thyroid gland, vocal chords

When in Balance – Clear communication, freedom of verbal speech, creative

Out of Balance – Talking too much, lack of confidence speaking in public, stuttering, fast speech, inability to listen to others, thyroid problems, sore throats, neck strain


3rd eye chakra

6th Chakra – Ajna – 3rd Eye – Foundation of Physic Powers

Location – 3rd Eye

Colour – Indigo

Element – Light

Governs – The pituitary gland

When in balance – Creative imagination, psychic abilities, clear vision, good intuition, ability to see auras, use of all six senses

Out of balance – Poor concentration, hallucinations, confusion, loss of memory, over analysing situations, insomnia, headaches and sinus problems


crown chakra

7th Chakra – Sahasrara – Crown – Foundation of Spirituality

Location – Top of the head

Colour – White/Gold

Governs – The pineal gland

When in Balance – Feeling at one with the world, conscious connection to spirit, intelligence, wisdom and knowledge

Out of balance – Spiritual addiction or no spiritual awareness, limiting beliefs, materialistic, mental problems

To find out which chakra you need to balance, take this chakra test

For more information on the Chakras and how to balance with Reiki, I recommend reading this wonderful book by Richard Ellis called Reiki And The Seven Chakras or try this relaxing Chakra Meditation

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The Importance of Cleansing Your Skin


Face Cleansing

The Importance of Cleansing The Skin

The Importance of Cleansing Your Skin


How Clean is Your Skin?

It may come as a surprise for some of you out there to hear that many people are still not cleansing their skin correctly. The purpose of this post is not to patronise but simply to make you aware of the importance of cleansing your skin correctly and give those who need it some helpful tips as well as a basic knowledge of the structure of your skin.

The Skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ and comprises of three layers.

The Epidermis which is split up into a further five layers and consists of active growing cells known as the basal layer where the production of melanin is formed and dead flat cells known as the stratum corneum. The stratum corneum is what makes up the outer part of the skin and is the part we can visibly see. It offers protection and is constantly being shed off to make way for newer fresher cells being pushed up from the basal layer below.

The Dermis which is the middle part of the skin consists of blood vessels, subcutaneous glands (oil glands where sebum is produced), nerves, collagen and elastin fibres.

The Subcutaneous layer which also contains blood vessels, hair follicles and adipose tissue (fat cells).



The Layers of The Skin


The skin is an easy dumping ground for dust, dirt and other air pollutants which all cause free radical damage. When mixed with sebum (oil that the skin naturally produces for protection) and sweat plus an overload of makeup it is no wonder so many of us suffer from blocked pores, skin irritations and break-outs.

So after ten years of working in the spa and beauty industry I am still shocked to find out during a facial consultation that many clients are not cleansing their skin, but strangely not forgetting to apply moisturiser.

Is this something you do? Or do you know a friend who has fallen into this bad habit? If so please read on and don’t forget to pass on this important message.

Every day or night we have a shower/bath and never forget to wash our bodies. So why on earth would you forget to wash your face?

Surely looking after your skin should be an important part of your daily routine. After all the skin on the face is the most visible part of the human body and the part most likely to age the quickest due to the prolonged exposure to our harsh environment. The skin on our bodies is well protected especially during the British winter months when we are truly wrapped up however the skin on our face always has to battle the elements of wind, rain, sun, central heating and air pollution.

Many clients I talk to genuinely think they are doing well by using expensive moisturisers serums ect but when it comes down to the fundamental basics of cleansing the skin, many have got it so wrong. So here is a quick list of what NOT to do.

  • There is no point placing expensive creams on a dirty face that has not been cleansed properly as it will not penetrate and can lead to blocking the pores.
  • Ditch quick skin wipes as they only push dirt and grime further into the pores, plus the alcohol contained within a number of ranges will only dry out your skin.
  • Stop wiping of your cleanser with pieces of dry cotton wool as this will only drag the skin, ageing you quicker and will not remove it properly anyway.
  • Never use soap no matter how gentle a company claims it to be. The PH levels are usually too high drying out the skin which will only stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce more oil to compensate, therefore making the skin unbalanced and giving it a patchy appearance.
  • If you suffer from acne do NOT use superstore products marketed towards teenage problematic skin as these contain a high dose of alcohol which will dry the skin out, stimulating the sebaceous glands and causing even more unbalance.
  • Never use a daily exfoliator to clean your skin. Exfoliation gently removes top layers of the Stratum Corneum (flat dead skin cells on the surface of the epidermis), this should only be done a maximum of three times a week depending on your skin type and only after cleansing to ensure makeup is removed.

Ok so what should you do?

  • Visit your local beauty salon to find out what your skin type and more importantly your skin condition is and get professional recommendations from a qualified Beauty Therapist only.
  • Perfect your cleansing routine before investing in advanced skin care products. You have to get the basics right first!
  • Always wash off your cleanser with warm water or use a clean face cloth or muslin cloth. Ditch the cotton wool.
  • Teenagers or young problematic skin types may  benefit more from facial washes
  • Sensitive, normal or dehydrated skin types may benefit more from cleansing milks.
  • Mature, dry or those who wear heavy make-up may benefit more from cleansing balms

A good basic skin care routine consists of Cleanse, Tone, and Moisturise.

MEN take note! This post also applies to you!

Get those basics right before investing in advanced serums, masks, peels ect

For more information on what is best for your skin type, pay me a visit at Good Vibes Yoga Studios in Covent Garden and treat yourself to a beautiful relaxing facial using the natural product brand from Neal’s Yard Remedies.






A Relaxing Way to Detox

A Relaxing Way to Detox Naturally


A relaxing Way To Detox at Good Vibes Studios Covent Garden


With the summer thankfully on its way many of us are looking at new ways to detox in time to look and feel good in our bikinis. So apart from those sweaty gym sessions, cutting out on alcohol and replacing our usual processed ready meals with nutritious smoothies what else can we do to detox?

Well believe it or not there is a way to detox naturally which will also relax your mind body and soul. Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day at the office and help you achieve that body beautiful in time for summer. Of course you do still need to pay attention to your diet and hit the gym to obtain those desired results but what better way to reward yourself afterwards, by having a well earned relaxing massage.

The Human Lymphatic System

Is the body’s second circulatory system. It is made up of lymphatic vessels, lymph nodes, lymph and lymphocytes (specialized immune cells). The tonsils, adenoids, spleen, and thymus are all part of the lymph system.

Lymph nodes are located in the armpits, groin, face and neck, as well as in the center of the chest and abdomen. They produce immune cells that fight infection while filtering lymph fluid to remove foreign material. The lymphatic system is different from the circulatory system as it has no “pump” of its own to move lymph through the system (the circulatory system has the heart). Instead the lymphatic system relies on bodily movement and breathing to move liquid lymph through the vessels and filters of the lymph nodes.

A lack of exercise, unhealthy diet and too much stress can all put pressure on the lymphatic system resulting in sluggish digestion, fluid retention, lethargy and a body that is susceptible to infection and disease.

During lymphatic drainage massage the lymph nodes are stimulated to release blockages followed by gentle rhythmical movements and drainage techniques moving the lymph fluid towards the nearest lymph node filtering out toxins and waste not required by the body. As the blood and lymph vessels dilate improving blood and lymphatic circulation, oxygen and nutrients are transported to the bodily cells.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage is Beneficial For

As a big fan of sports and deep tissue massage I must admit I was rather sceptical about the results I would receive from a more ‘gentle’ massage. I have to say I was not disappointed! Although I will continue to have deep tissue to release tension nodules I will in future be having more lymphatic drainage massage as I found the experience to be deeply relaxing with powerful detoxifying after effects.

At the moment I currently have a special offer enabling you to receive a 25% discount when booking a 75 minute lymphatic drainage massage.

To book call Good Vibes Yoga Studio in Covent Garden on 020 7240 6111



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